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Hans Jaenisch
Su obra:

1907 - 1989
Freelance painter and professor
at the Hochschule der Kuenste Berlin
1907  Born at Eilenstedt near Halberstadt
1917-23  Attended the Stephaneum at Aschersleben
Realistic drawings and studies
Award for painting and drawing
(Richard Bestehorn Foundation)
1923  Settled down at Berlin
Met V.O. Stomps
Planned a literary and artistic magazine
1927  First Exhibition in the gallery "Der Sturm"
of Herwarth Walden
Cubist drawings, rhythmic colour washes,
illustrative studies
1928  Exhibition at Sandkuhl's in the Haus der Juryfreien, Berlin
First portfolio, including "Tanzsymphonie"
(Dance Symphony)
Analysis of Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky
1929-33  Taught at the Art School "Der Weg"
(closed in 1933)
1931  Exhibition at Redfern Gallery, London
1932  Galerie Flechtheim, Berlin
First exhibition with Surrealistic pen drawings
with watercolour
Exhibition at Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin
1933-39  Private teaching in studio
Partly forbidden to exhibit
Post-Expressionism in large forms,
Surrealistic tendencies
Supported by Nierendorf and von der Heyde galleries
Exhibitions under very difficult conditions
1936  Exhibition at Galerie von der Heyde, Berlin
1939  Exhibition at Galerie von der Heyde, Berlin
1940-43  Called up for military service
Soldier in Africa
New experiences of colour,
analysis of Islamic ornamentation
1943  Destruction of his studio in Berlin by air attack
Only some pieces of pre-war works remained
1943-45  Prisoner of war in the USA
Watercolours and drawings of people, landscapes
and animals in Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona
1946  Head of painting studio in prisoner of war camp
in Scotland
Landscapes in tempera, portfolio works,
including "Koepfe" (Heads)
Released and returned to Berlin
First post-war exhibition at the Kunstamt
Exhibition at Galerie von der Heyde, Berlin
1947  Married to Roki Reichstein
1947-52  Bas-reliefs, then tempera reliefs, airlift- and
Contributed to the magazine "Athena"
1950  Art Prize of the City of Berlin
Regular presentations at the Pittsburgh International
Exhibitions of the Carnegie Institute
1950-52  Small works of sculpture
1951  First exhibition of relief pictures at the Galerie Schueler, Berlin
1952  Hallmark Art Award, New York
Award in the competition for the "Memorial of the
Unknown Political Prisoner", London
1953  Professor at the Hochschule der Bildenden Kuenste, Berlin
First of his regular stays during summertime
on the North Frisian Island of Amrum
1955-57  After 20 years return to oils
"Keilperiode" (Wedge Period)
Visits to Rome and Paris
1957  Exhibition at Kleemann Galleries, New York
1958-59  Large palette-knife pictures ("Ikarus") and series of
vivid watercolours (linen watercolours)
1959  Exhibition at Galerie Gaspar, Barcelone / Madrid
1959-60  Fugette periode
Visit to St. Gall (Switzerland)
1960  Exhibition at Hutton Galleries, New York
First exhibition at the Galerie Voemel, Duesseldorf
1961  First Exhibition at Galerie "Im Erker", St. Gall
1962  Exhibtion at Galerie Internationale D'Art Contemporain, Paris
1960-63  "Ink pictures" - collages with Indian ink and glazes
mounted on linen
1963  Exhibition at Hutton Galleries, New York
Exhibition at Galerie Vernier, Geneva
Exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, London
1964  Studio at Steenodde (Island of Amrum)
Participated in the travelling exhibition
"The Spirit of New Berlin" in the USA
1964-66  "Formationen" (Formations) and "Fensterbilder" (Window Pictures),
triptychs, variations on balance and movement
from tautly constructed pictorial codes
1965  Exhibition at the Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Museum, Hagen
Exhibition at Galerie Raeber, Lucerne (Switzerland)
First lithographs
1967  "Ornabile" - ornamental ribbons as new pictorial
1968  "Spurentafeln" (Tableaus of Traces),
return to manifold structures
1969-70  "Vegetatives" - drop-, half-moon-, fish-forms
Subtile and transparent colouring
"Paarungen" (Matings), "Vegetative Tragoedien" (Vegetative Tragedies)
1970  Death of Roki Jaenisch
1970  Exhibition at the Kunsthalle, Kiel
1971  Exhibition at Galerie Niggli, Niederteufen
Edition of the monography "Hans Jaenisch"
1972  Married to Adelheid Raabe
1976  Professor emeritus
Exhibition at Galerie de Kerzellec, Le Pouldu (France)
1978  Exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, Bogota
(with Gerald Moll)
Exhibition at the Goethe-Institut, Montreal
1979  Awarding of the German Bundesverdienstkreuz
1980  Exhibition at Staedtisches Museum, Schleswig
1982  Exhibition at Gallery art east-art west, Hongkong
Exhibition at the Goethe-Institut (Beale-Street-
Landing), Memphis
Exhibition at Galerie Westenhoff, Luebeck
Exhibition at Galerie Schmidt, Wuppertal
1983  Exhibition at Galerie Voemel, Duesseldorf
1984  Exhibition at Galerie Bremer, Berlin
Exhibition at Galerie Danielsen, Flensburg
Exhibition at Galerie Strunk-Hilgers, Moenchengladbach
1985  Exhibition at Galerie Glanz, Erftstadt-Lechenich
Exhibition at Galerie Schmidt, Wuppertal
Exhibition at Galerie Guenter Fuchs, Velbert-Neviges
1986  Exhibition at Galerie Westenhoff, Hamburg
1987  Exhibition at Galerie Nierendorf, Berlin
Exhibition at Galerie Steinbrecher, Bremen
1988  Exhibition at Galerie Steinbrecher, Bremen
1989  Exhibition at Galerie Jahnhorst & Preuss, Berlin
Exhibition at Galerie Steinbrecher, Bremen
died on the Island of Amrum
1991  Exhibition at Galerie Voemel, Duesseldorf
Exhibition at Galerie Orangerie Reinz, Cologne
1992  Exhibition at the Kunstamt Wedding, Berlin
1995  Exhibition at the Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen
Exhibition at Galerie Niemann, Berlin
Exhibition at Galerie Ott, Duesseldorf
1996  Exhibition at the Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Diessen
Exhibition at Oberhessisches Museum, Giessen
1997  Exhibition at Galerie Steinbrecher, Bremen
1998  Exhibition at Galerie Wirnitzer, Baden-Baden
2000  Exhibition at Galerie Westenhoff, Hamburg
Exhibition at Galerie Fuchs, Velbert-Neviges
Exhibition at Buergergalerie, Kiel
2001  Exhibition at the Fritz-Winter-Atelier, Diessen
Exhibition at the Fritz-Winter-Haus, Ahlen
Since 1950 numerous one-man and collective exhibitions in Germany, as well as in Zuerich, St. Gall, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris, Madrid, Milan, New York, Mexico City and various cities in North and South America

Berliner Secession, Neue Gruppe Berlin, Neue Gruppe Muenchen, Deutscher Kuenstlerbund, Bundesverband bildender Kuenstler

Cartel Original. Galerie Im Erker.  1961
Cartel Original. Galerie Im Erker  1964
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