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  Special Price for Members

Taller del Prado offer to our members betwen 10% and 50% off in Original Art Prints edited by us.


The "Art Print Collection", work edited by Taller del Prado, is offer to our members between 10% and 30% off.


Become a member paying a montly fee. You will access to a precious collection of Original Art Prints, numbered and signed by hand by the artists, with a special discount, between 10% and 50% off. You will also enjoy between 10% and 30% off in our Art Collection..

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As Taller del Prado member, you will be part of our club at least during one year (12 payments of 30,20 Euros + VAT each). You will be able to buy Art Prints and Sculpture from our Editions or Art Collection. Taller del Prado makes FOUR anual editions, offering work that can be acquired with the amount saved by the member during the year, with 50% discount over the normal price.

After THREE MONTHS of the edition, date of the new issue, the work will be part of the Art Collection, with a discount of 30% off.


Thanks to the members, is possible to control the whole edition and offer this priviledge over the normal public price.

  • Any person can be member, willing to participate during one year.
  • The number of members will be limited.
  • The number of editions will be increase according to the number of members.
  • In short editions, reservation order will be follow.
  • The work buyed could be changed anytime by other work, without aditional cost, if the work is in mint condition. Changes will be only permited by other works, not refunds.
  • Works will include a brief CV and a original certificate by Taller del Prado.
  • Members can select Art Prints or Sculpture each term or gather money for following editions. It is possible to divide payments if the amount collected is lower than the work price.
  • Cada trimestre el socio recibirá información detallada de cada tirada, así como de su precio de referencia en el mercado y precio de socio, unida a una breve biografía del artista.
  • The work can be collected at Taller del Prado, Madrid, SPAIN, on the presentation event, or sent without aditional cost during the following 7 days. If case of return, the member will be in charge of the expenses.
  • Our member-support hours is 11.00am - 14.00pm and 17.00 - 20.00 pm, monday to friday. (GMT +1)


Taller del Prado - Gran Vía 16, 5ª planta. 28013 Madrid - Tel: 91 360 47 13 - Email:



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